There seems to be a lot of people starting blogs lately, so not wanting to miss out on the bandwagon here I am! I’ve tried a couple of times before to keep a blog and failed quite miserably. Will it be different this time….who knows, but I will try extra hard this time to keep up to date.

I went through a stitching slump earlier in the year, where I didn’t pick up a needle for months. This was partly due to being stressed out at work, but also because we discovered a new game for the XBOX 360 called Oblivion. Phill and I became totally addicted to this game and played it for months and months – possibly the best value for money game we’ve bought so far.

I got my stitching but back big time in about August/September and have been stitching almost non stop since then. I pulled out a few long neglected WIP’s and have been working on them in a loose rotation. So far I’ve worked on Chatelaine’s Mystery 8, Egypt Garden and Celtic Quilt, Mirabilia’s Titania has seen a bit of attention and I’ve also started a couple of new designs, Do Not Disturb by JCA, and Judy O’Dell’s Attic Collection Accessory Book. I’ll post some pictures of these once Phill comes home from work and can take decent photographs of them.

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