Christmas Ornament Exchange

This year on the Jayne’s Attic Forum there is a Christmas Ornament Exchange, organised by Su. I wasn’t sure whether to take part as whilst I have stitched a few ornaments I have never actually got around to finishing them. I’m not very good at sewing (by hand or machine), but thought I’d bite the bullet and have a go. I could always ask my MIL for help if I got stuck!

This is the ornament that I made, which I have sent to the recipient, but I don’t think it’s arrived yet so I won’t mention any names on here. It’s actually a very small bag, lined with a similar colour fabric as the thread which is WDW 3860 Crimson, and the chart was designed by WIth My Needle, from one of the JCS Ornament Magazines. I was quite pleased with the finishing, the lining inside could have been a bit neater but I know where I went wrong so next time I stitch one the finish should be better.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Exchange

  1. Hi Sandra, Gorgeous ornament. The recipient is very lucky. Didn’t know you’d started a blog until I saw your comment on mine! Will add you to my blog list!

  2. Looks great Sandra – I’m still trying to decide whether to have a go for the Valentine’s exchange. I’m not much good at sewing but perhaps I should have a try?
    I’ve added you to my blog list too!

  3. Thank you Sandra for the lovely pieces… you haven’t shown the scissor case (which is in constant use already) the pocket is hanging on my tree! The finish is great you should be really proud of yourself… I’m stitching the whole set at the moment for my Dad’s wife so pop by to see how I do

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