Anyone for tennis?

Not much news on the stitching front I’m afraid. For the last couple of years I’ve suffered on and off with tennis elbow, probably caused by the fact that I spend way too much of my working life at a keyboard. I find it extremely difficult to stitch without using my Lowery stand, because as soon as I stitch in hand for any length of time my tennis elbow flares up and then I’m out of action stitching wise for quite a few weeks.

Recently the clamp on my Lowery stand has broken. The thread seems to have worn away and the clamp no longer grips the frame or the Q snap. I was absolutely gutted because having so recently foudn my stitching bug again, I can’t do any stitching. Phill rigged up a temporary solution but it’s not ideal and doesn’t hold the frame as tightly as I’d like so after Christmas I’m going to have to look in to buying another clamp.

My parents Golden Wedding celebrations went extremely well for the most part. Both of my sisters live about two hours drive away so my father had arranged for them to come down on the Saturday, whereas my mother thought they were coming down on the Sunday. My dad then organised a surprise party on the Saturday night at the club they go to every weekend. My mother was so surprised when she walked in and saw us all sitting there she burst into tears. It’s so out of my dad’s character to do something like this she couldn’t quite believe it!

One of my sisters caused some problems for myself and my other sister, and she ended up going home in a strop on Sunday morning and missing out on the meal my mother had organised for Sunday afternoon. My mother was extremely disappointed to say the least. My sister and I haven’t been on the best of terms for quite a while, but at the moment I’ve washed my hands of her. Her selfish and childish behaviour, all because she wants to be the centre of attention, even though it was my parent’s special day, made me absolutely furious and is something that I will never forget.

Other news, I have had a small tropical fish tank for a couple of years and I really enjoy watching and looking after the fish, so for this years joint Christmas present between Phill and I we decided to upgrade our aquarium. I am now the very proud owner of a fabulous four foot tank in a beautiful cherry wood cabinet. The fish love having so much room to swim around and there’s lots of room left for more!

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