Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe how fast New Years Day comes around isn’t it? Tomorrow it’s back to work for Phill and I but at least we only have three days until the weekend, and even better my boss is flying to Barbados on Friday for two whole weeks 🙂

We had a very quiet New Years Eve as usual, we don’t go out to pubs/clubs very often anyway, and especially not on New Years Eve where you have to pay so much to get in to places. I enjoyed a chat with some of the Stitching and Stash ladies and then we watched The Bourne Ultimatum which we both really enjoyed.Today we have MIL coming for lunch, and then we plan to have a lazy day.

Part 1 of Mystery XI has been released and I do actually have some of the threads used so will be able to make a start on that today which is quite a relief. I have ordered the rest of the threads I will need for Part 1 from Sew and So and they should be here by the weekend so I know I will at least be able to get Part 1 finished so I’m feeling a lot better about this design already.
Here’s a pic of Celtic Autumn as promised. It’s stitched using jazlyn fabric called Manhatten Myst from Dyeing4U (sadly no longer in business). The fabric is slightly more purple than the picture shows and really does show up the design well. I have finished the border, apart from the beads, and will start working on the lady once I have stitched Part 1 of Mystery XI. So far I have spent about 25 hours on this one, it really has stitched up quickly, but I can see that the beading will take almost as long as the stitching because there are absolutely loads of them LOL.

I also took some photos of my stitching stash, which I will upload later and blog about tomorrow.

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