Sunday Update

I finished part 1 of Mystery XI today! I haven’t beaded it yet, I still have to wait for my kit to arrive to do that but I’m very pleased with it so far. I’m also very pleased that I managed to get it stitched so quickly. As with most of the Chatelaine Designs I have stitched they are quite time consuming and always take longer than you think they will but this one stitched up very well.

I didn’t realise just how much I had missed stitching, I am enjoying it so much at the moment, and long may it last LOL!

Next I’m either going to stitch some more on my Monthly Challenge piece or maybe get an old WIP out and put some more stitches in. At the moment Spring Queen seems to be calling to me so I think that one will win!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Update

  1. Amazing start! I wish I didn’t have to finish M9 before I am allowed to get the kit for M11. I like it so much better. I’m glad Martina gave everyone the option for the sneak peak.

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