UFO Tuesday

Tonight I am joining in with UFO Tuesday on the Stitch and Stash forum at Jayne’s Attic

Every Tuesday I am going to work on a long forgotten UFO. I think I’ll probably stick to the one project and work on that until it is done.

I have decided to work on Spring Queen from Mirabilia. At first I couldn’t remember how long ago I last stitched on this one. I took a photo of it yesterday and uploaded it into Webshots. I then realised that in my Webshots album was the last photo I had taken of this piece, when I had stitched 30 hours worth of time. That photo was uploaded in October 2003!

Time just flies by so quickly, I just can’t believe that it’s been over four years – if I would have taken a guess on when I last worked on it I would have said about two years ago LOL.

Spring Queen - 30 hours

I’m so glad that UFO night is on a Tuesday, as every other Tuesday Phill goes to a local open mic night where he plays steel guitar and bass guitar so I know that from about 7pm tonight I will have complete peace and quiet LOL.

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