Mystery 8 Update

Since I have finished part 1 of Mystery XI, quicker than I anticipated, I decided that for the rest of this month I would focus on one project – I chose Mystery 8 as it is not that far off from finishing.

I spent the weekend stitching on the outer parts, the gates, lamp posts and trees.

Mystery 8

Here is a close up of one side of the gate

Mystery 8

Yesterday I decided to stitch the centre of the design. It might not look much but it took me ALL day to stitch this small part of the design.

Mystery 8

I now have one more gate, and two full sides of trees/lamposts to stitch, a few specialist stitches to add, and then I can start beading. Hopefully that will be by the weekend, but if not definitely the weekend after that. The beading is going to take absolutely ages! On Mystery XI I’m going to be adding the beads each month as the parts are issued as I really don’t want to be faced with beading the whole thing at the end.

Also this weekend I managed to stitch a small freebie design as part of a Valentine Exchange. I can’t post a picture of it yet because it is a secret exchange. All I have to do is finish it into something before I can send it to my exchange partner – that should be interesting as I am useless as finishing LOL.

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