Mystery 8 Update

This week has been a good week for stitching. I’ve still made time to stitch every time since 1st January, which is a bit of a record for me.

I’ve been working solidly on Mystery 8, I’m very very close to finishing this design and the closer I get the more excited I get. I have finished one Chatelaine in the past, Polar Lights, but that was quite a simple, easy stitch compared to Mystery 8.

Mystery 8 - 23rd January

As you can see, a few more trees and I’m done with the stitching. I have already started the beading, and have started to really enjoy it. Beading was never my favourite part of any design but with the help of Tacky Bob I’m now loving it!

Mystery 8 - Close up

Here’s a close up of some of the beading.

Expect a huge happy dance on this one very soon!

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4 thoughts on “Mystery 8 Update

  1. Good luck finishing this one – it’s just gorgeous! I have it in my stash but don’t know when I’ll get round to stitching it.

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