Another one to the framers.

This morning I took another piece in for framing. I had to choose between Polar Lights and Graceful Charm.Polar Lights

This is Polar Lights.

graceful charm

This is possibly the worst picture EVER of Graceful Charm.

In the end my decision was made for me when I was giving the pieces one final press before deciding and one of the charms came off Polar Lights. Phill wanted to leave straight as he had an appointment at 9am so I had to take Graceful Charm. Hopefully I will be able to get Polar Lights done next month.

I am making a real effort to get all of my larger pieces framed this year. The smaller ones I’m going to have a go at framing myself, all I need to do is look around the ‘net for a good lacing tutorial and I’ll have a go.

So far I have hanging on my walls:-

Shimmering Mermaid – Miriablia
May’s Emerald Fairy – Mirabilia
Titania, Queen of the Fairies – Mirabilia
An Open Heart – Drawn Thread
Egyptian Sampler – Theresa Wentzler

and hopefully to be added to that very soon will be Mystery 8, which is what I’m going to work on for the rest of the weekend.

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