Weekend stitching

I picked up Graceful Charm from the framers on Saturday, they have done a great job, all I have to do now is wait for Phill to put it on the wall for me. Something tells me that may take longer than it took to stitch it!

I had to work this weekend so my stitching time was cut down slightly, but I still managed to get a good start on part 2 of Mystery XI. I’m hoping that I can get the rest of this part done this week so I can carry on with Egyptian Garden.

I paid for my Tuscany Town Mandala kit on Friday so hopefully that will have been posted out, if it has it should get here by next weekend. I have three pieces of fabric waiting for a floss toss; Fallen Leaves (Polstitches), Rock Quarry and Summer Sunset (both Silkweaver). This time I have chosen 28 count fabric, as all my other stitching at the moment is on 32 count and some days my eyes need something a little easier. I think I must be getting old!! Once the kit arrives I will put pics of the floss toss on my blog and hopefully get some opinions.

I also joined yet another Chatelaine group this weekend, the Rainforest Quilt Mystery. I’m not going to stitch it for a long time I think, at least not until Egyptian Garden and Celtic Quilt are finished, but joined now while I had some spare cash. I think I’m going to stitch it using DMC to cut the cost down a bit as I can see the kit price on that one being very expensive.  For some reason I just can’t get enough Chatelaine designs at the moment, but I am really enjoying my stitching and have stitched every single day since I picked my needle back up during the end of November last year.

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