Pictures at last!

I have finally managed to get my camera back from Phill.  He has a bad habit of taking it to work to take photographs of the jobs he finishes as part of his portfolio, he’s a kitchen fitter and always takes a before and after picture, partly to give to the customer so they can show it off to their friends, and partly so he has something to show potential new customers that gives them an idea of the work he does.  Some of the kitchens he fits are just unbelieveable and something I can only dream of.  Last year he  revamped our kitchen and it does look amazing, so I can’t complain too much LOL.  Maybe I should give him my camera, which is quite a few years old, and get him to buy me a new one?

Anyway, I have taken a couple of pictures of Graceful Charm and Mystery XI.

Here’s Graceful Charm:

Graceful Charm - Framed

Please excuse the mess on the top of the table.  They’ve done a great job.  It’s still waiting to be hung on the wall though!

And Mystery XI :

Mystery X1 part 2 almost complete

It looks a bit crumpled, but I’m having to work in hand at the moment as my Lowery stand won’t fit over the arm of our new sofa, something else Phill is going to look at for me this weekend, as he thinks he can fashion together an extension bar which will solve the problem.   I hope he can do something with it, cross stitching in hand isn’t so bad but speciality stitches, of which there are LOTS in a Chatelaine are far easier when using a frame.

This weekend I am working Saturday all day and for a few hours on Sunday, but I hope to finish off Part 2 and finish off a secret project as part of a Valentine Exchange which I really need to post on Monday morning.  Wish me much as my finishing skills are sorely lacking and what should take hardly any time at all always seems to turn into something a lot more complicated.

Have a great weekend!

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