Mystery XI part 2 finished!

On Monday I finished putting the beads into part 2 of Mystery XI.

 Mystery X1 part 2

This piece looks so much better in real life, as do most of the things I take photos of to be honest!

On Monday evening I stitched for a while on Celtic Autumn, I haven’t taken an up to date pic as yet, but will try and do that tonight.  On Tuesday I decided that I would join in a Stitch A Long on Jayne’s Attic forum.  It’s the Papillon Creations free design called How does your Garden Grow.  I rushed home from work all excited, ready to pick out some fabric and threads, spent the next three hours on the lounge floor surrounded by packets of fabrics and most of my hand dyed thread collection before deciding that I really couldn’t decide LOL.  I managed to pick out the two green colours so I stitched some of the first part (just the green bits).

Last night I had another go and after a few tries managed to come up with four colours that I like.  They’re all Needle Necessities, and when I get home from work I’ll put a list together of their names/numbers.  I managed to get quite a bit done last night and hopefully will finish it off this evening.

Phill couldn’t get my Lowery Stand working and as I’ve had it for quite a few years now he asked if I wanted to try a different stand.  I had been looking at the System 4 stand, which a lot of the ladies on the Chateline Yuku group use, particularly for the larger Chatelaine designs, and I’ve heard nothing but good things.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone in the UK who sells this stand but a few emails to Threadneedle Street and my new stand is on the way.  And the best part of it – Phill paid!  He’s definitely a keeper!

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