Papillon SAL

This is my gift from Jessica, as part of the Stitch and Stash Valentine Exchange.


She sent me a very pretty Mill Hill kit, some lovely buttons and the most fabulous card. Jessica had read on my blog that I had four cats and made this card for me to give to my Valentine. I love it! Of course, it’s far too beautiful to give to anyone 😉 so I will put it in a frame and hang it in the hallway, there’s the perfect space waiting for it!

I also managed to finish part 1 of How Does Your Garden Grow last night.  This took longer than I hoped it would, partly because I just couldn’t make my mind up about floss colours and partly because I’ve caught the most horrible cold and my brain just couldn’t seem to handle the speciality stitches in this design.  I think I stitched most of them at least twice LOL.


The colours don’t show very well at all in this picture.  I’m stitching on belfast linen from Dyeing4U, it’s such a shame they are no longer in business as their fabrics were absolutely fabulous.  For the threads I chose:

  • Dark Green – Needlepaints 2104
  • Light Green – Needlepaints 2101
  • Colour 1 – Needle Necessities 101 – Desdemona’s Violets
  • Colour 2 – Needle Necessities 176 – Heather on the Hill
  • Colour 3 – Needle Necessities 102 – Peach Sorbet
  • Colour 4 – Needle Necessities 1621 – Candlelight

I’m going to try and get part 2 done today, but I still feel awful and really don’t want to do any more frogging, so we’ll just see how it goes.

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