The week that never was

This week will be known as the week that never was.  Most of it went by in a blur of tissues, cough medicine and beechams.  When I last blogged I said that I had picked up a cold, well that cold turned into the ‘flu, along with a chest infection.  As I suffer from asthma this really did make me feel very unwell and I’ve had to have the whole week off work.  Thank goodness the antibiotics and steroid tablets are doing their magic and I have started to feel a little better today.  I am so far behind in reading blogs and forums, but hope to catch up this weekend.

Yesterday, I remembered that I needed to send someone money via Paypal.  At New Year I had to have my debit card replaced because someone used my details online to the tune of approximately £1,000.  It was New Years Day, I had just been paid and the money went from my account.  The bank were brilliant and I had the money refunded within about a week.  After speak to the bank representative at their fraud centre I realised that this type of thing happens far more frequently than I thought it did and consdering that I have used my credit/debit cards on line for shopping for the last ten years or so and have never been through anything like that I think I had been quite lucky.

Fast forward to today.  I paid the money I needed to and went back to doing what I’ve been doing most of this week, lying on the settee under a blanket watching Stargate SG1.  A couple of hours later I fancied a glass of water so on my way to the kitchen checked my emails, only to find a bunch of messages from Paypal telling me that the payment I had made to for £971.65 had been authorised and providing the delivery address as someone in Birmingham.  Further investigation showed that someone had tried to use my Paypal account to purchase goods worth £1,500 from but it had been refused.  The second attempt for the £971 had gone through.  A few frantic calls to my bank, Paypal and Dabs later and I managed to stop the transaction from going ahead.  It was a pure fluke that I happened to check my emails when I did, and the only reason I even had my computer on was because a work colleage was emailing me something for me to proof read over the weekend.

I have managed to get some stitching done this week, and may have a HUGE happy dance to show you tomorrow!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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3 thoughts on “The week that never was

  1. Hope you are well soon and this Paypal worry is the last you need at the moment – but at least it was caught in time and hope that you soon have your money back in your account!


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