Weekend update

Well, the happy dance is still going on!  I put the final beads on this design on Saturday.  I started this back in January 2005 and it’s taken me until now to finish it.  It hasn’t been my focus piece all of that time and for about a year of that time I hardly picked up a needle, so I am pleased with the length of time it has taken me overall.

Celtic Quilt

It’s an awful photo, and it needs a good iron, which I will do this evening and then I will re-post with a better pic.

As a reward I started a new piee, yet another Chatelaine, this time Tuscany Town Mandala.  My kit was sent out from European Cross Stitch on 2nd February but it took three weeks to arrive, the longest I have ever had to wait for a package from them, so I think Royal Mail must have a  bit of a backlog.  Coincidentally my new needlework stand, System4, also arrived on Saturday, but I resisted temptation to set it up until Sunday and the first piece to be stitched on it is Tuscany Town.  I have a Lowery Stand, which I loved, but which will not fit over the arm of our new settees, but I have to admit that I love the System 4 even more.  I will take some pics of it later on when Phill comes home with the camera.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. That is great. I just discovered Chatelaine’s and am doing my first one now. I can’t wait until Martina re-releases this one. It looks fabulous. Congrats!

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