Busy weekend ahead

This weekend is a busy one!  First of all I have to work 😦   Also, Saturday is 1st March and will bring more Chatelaine stitching my way.  Part 3 of Celtic Mystery, part 1 of Rainforest Quilt and part 9 of Tuscany Town.  I think that part 3 of the Papillon Stitch a Long will be released as well, although I’m not 100% sure on that one as I didn’t join until a couple of weeks ago.

 Part 3 of Celtic Mystry is my first priority.  Then the Papillon Stitch a Long.  Then, if any time is left before the 1st April I will split my time evenly between Tuscany Town and Rainforest Quilt.    Rainforest Quilt has an optional border, which looks stunning so I am going to use it.  I have ordered the supplies for the border already and I have a piece of fabric in mind but which may be a tiny bit too small.  It’s only going to give me about 2 inches around the edges and I would feel a lot happier if there was a bigger margin.  I may have a look on Silkweaver later on.  The inner designs of the Rainforest Quilt may have to wait until I have saved enough money for the supplies, or depending on my bank balance next week I may just buy what I need for part 1 and then continue to do that throughout the 12 months.  This is probably a far more expensive way in the long run, but the kit for this one is very expensive and I have spent out a lot lately on stitching goodies.

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One thought on “Busy weekend ahead

  1. I’m eagerly awaiting part 3 of the Papillon one too

    I love the look of the Chatelaines, the only one i’ve done is the freebie from the Gift of Stitching which i did as a SAL with Sally and Lisa.

    Hope you are feeling better

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