Back in the land of the living!

It has been a memorable few weeks for me, but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Firstly I was suffering from the most awful heartburn/acid indigestion type thing. After a couple of weeks I could stand it no more and went to my GP. She diagnosed Acid Reflux, gave me some pills and “touch wood” I’ve been feeling much better since then. I finished the pills last week and have had no recurrance of the problem so hope that was a temporary condition.

Next I came down with the flu, thanks to Phill who very kindly passed it on to me. This developed in to a chest infection, which tends to happen quite easily with me as I have asthma and am quite suscepitble to chest infections, and I was off work for four days. Had antibiotics and steroid tablets from my GP.

Went back to work, obviously now extremely busy as I had to catch up with the work I had missed doing when I was off. After a week back at work my throat started feeling quite sore, got steadily worse, ended up at the GP’s again, different GP this time who diagnosed tonsilitis. More antibiotics. All through this I was having to go to work because I could not take any more time off. Lost my voice for three days.

The throat problem did not get any better and at the end of the course of antibiotics I went back to see the GP again, she said that in fact the problem was an ulcerated throat which was connected to the Acid Reflux problem.

Phew!!!! I have been to my GP’s probably twice in the last four years until last month – now I have been four times in the last four weeks LOL. Hopefully all health problems have been sorted out now and I feel 100% better.

In the middle of all this, as you may know from a previous blog entry, my Paypal account was hijacked and was used by someone to spend £975. Even though I managed to cancel this transaction within an hour or so of discovering it Paypal had already taken the money from my account. They did not send it on to anyone, and they say that they returned it the next day (22nd February). I am still waiting for the money to appear in my bank. Paypal say that they can’t investigate why the money is not back in my account until thirty days have elapsed! I have to say that Paypal have provided the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. They have restricted all access on Paypal account and even though there is a balance of £36 in there they refuse to allow me access to it until I send them a copy of my driving licence and my bank statement/utility bill. I am refusing to send them this information because I have completely lost confidence in them and their security measures and refuse to hand over my identity to a company who has already cost me a lot of stress and bank charges. At the moment I am still £400 overdrawn, even after my wages had been paid in, and still have a few direct debits to come out before the end of the month. The way things are going it could be another few weeks before I get this matter resolved. The customer services I have spoken to at Paypal have been very rude and unhelpful. In fact I spoke to a supervisor the last time I phoned whose tactic was to completely ignore me and just maintain a stance of complete silence, apart from the words “My name is ***** how can I help you” she said absolutely nothing! Not the way to deal with a customer who is upset and worried because she is £975 out of pocket.

The last thing that happened was one of our cats, Bonnie, was taken quite poorly, and after lots of tests the vet thinks that she has an overactive thyroid. We are waiting on the final blood rest result for the firm diagnosis but all her other tests came back within normal limits. She had to be shaved all on one side for a heart scan to be done, so at the moment she looks like half a cat LOL.

Through all this I have managed to stitch every single day, which I am very pleased with. I haven’t got any pics to show at the moment but I am working away on part 3 of Celtic Mystery, which is absolutely huge, and hope to get it finished in the next week or so.

I’m sorry for boring you all with my problems, but I think I needed to get that lot of my chest LOL

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4 thoughts on “Back in the land of the living!

  1. Oh hun! You have had no fun recently have you? Hope you are soon back on your feet feeling 100% and that you wee Bonnie is much better.
    We have experienced Paypal and they are very very unhelpful – the worst I have known. We lost out through Ebay and only got half the money back from Paypal – so unhelpful its unbelieveable!!


  2. What a stressful time for you, so nice of your friend to share germs!

    I hope Bonnies test come back soon, the waiting is awful with pets, i have 2 cats.

    Looking forward to seeing Part 3, i’ve started the freebie Tiny Rose, keep seeing all these lovely chatelaines, so decided to have a ‘little’ go LOL

    Take care

  3. Oh Sandra you’ve had a rotten time of late. I do hope things improve and you’re feeling 100% soon.

    hearing about your problems with PP makes me want to close my account but a lot of stitchy places don’t accept anything else. Having said that I’d save some money:)

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