End of March update

Although my blog has been very quiet this month I can assure you that I have been hard at it stitching away on part 3 of Chatelaine Mystery 11.  This months chart was absolutely HUGE!  I had big plans for this month to spend the first week or two stitching on part 3, then start Rainforest Quilt, maybe work a little on Celtic Autumn and finally to work on Tuscany Town Mandala.  Part 3 was released on 29th February, a day early, and I worked on it every single day until it was finally finished on 25th March. So much for making plans LOL.

You can click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.  It looks amazing, but it was quite hard work and invovled concentration and lots of counting.

I did make a start on Rainforest Quilt, I started stitching the border, which is optional.  My kit for the inner squares should hopefully be arriving in the next couple of weeks but for the time being I have some of the threads to stitch the border so thought I would make a start.  I’ll get a picture of it done over the weekend sometime, but you can see a screen shot of the final design below.


Phill and I had this week off, we haven’t really done much at all but Phill really needed a break as he has been working seven days a week quite often since Christmas and the only time he will take time off is if I’m off too.  Not that I’m complaining, it was so nice not to have to go to work every day, I think I could get quite used to it, but I would definitely miss my pay packet at the end of each month.  We did go shopping for a new camera to replace the digital we have had for quite a few years now.  We’re thinking about getting a digital SLR, but still have some research to do before making a final decision.  It looks like the Canon 400D may be the winner though, and maybe I will be able to get some better pictures of my stitching with that!

It’s such a terrible day weather wise today, the wind is absolutely howling.  We’ve done our weekly shop, visited my parents, browsed around a few shops and now we’re going to put our feet up and watch Stargate The Ark of Truth which we recorded last Monday.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment, I do appreciate it!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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5 thoughts on “End of March update

  1. I’ve just ordered the signed up for the Rainforest Quilt – I’m too impatient to wait ! Do you have the finished stitch count with the border so I can figure out if I have the fabric in my stash? Thank you!

  2. Your Chatelaine Mystery looks gorgeous, Sandra, and the Rainforest Quilt is going to be a stunning piece.

    My DH has recently treated himself to a digital SLR camera a couple of weeks ago and it’s brilliant! It was on offer in Curry’s.

    You will enjoy Stargate Ark of Truth.

  3. I’ve watched Ark of Truth 3 times now. It’s great!

    I’ve had the Canon 10D for almost 5 years now. The Canon products are fabulous. I cannot say enough about it. Mine is still great and I have no need to upgrade it. Once you buy one it will last for years.

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