Floss Ring Tag

I decided to have a break from stitching large projects yesterday.  I had seen Staci’s floss ring tags on her blog and her tutorial, which you can find here,  was very well written and looked easy to follow.  I use floss rings all the time, either for floss away bags or for bobbins.  I have quite a few of the large size ones as you get one ring when you buy a pack of floss away bags.   The small rings you can buy in Staples, but they are very small.  I have looked online and have just found somewhere where I can buy the medium sized ones, which is what is shown in the picture blow.  They are the perfect size for holding bobbins for smaller projects.

dscn0146.jpg       dscn0147.jpg

I used part of a design from Britty Kitties II by Brittercup Designs, I reversed the design to stich on the back of the tag so the eyelet wouldn’t go through the cats head LOL.  I used a piece of fabric from my stash, ivory Lugana from Silkweavers, and some Anchor 382 thread.  I really enjoyed making the tag and it was great to have a finish to show you in between these huge projects I’m stitching.  In fact, making the tag inspired me to start a scissors fob last night, which I am hoping to be able to show you tomorrow.

Next month I am going to start a loose rotation so I can fit in some more small finishes.  Each month my priority stitching will be Chatelaine Celtic Mystery and I will stitch on each part of that until it is finished.  Once it is finished I will stitch on Rainforest Quilt and Tuscany Town Mandala on weekday evenings, one week each.  On weekends I will stitch smaller designs from my stash or freebies and hopefully practice my finishing techniques using some of the great tutorials I have bookmarked.  I will stitch on Papillon Creations How Does your Garden Grow during my lunch hour at work and, if I need to, one of my weekend days.

Last night we watched Stargate Ark of Truth.    I really did enjoy it although I had hoped for an appearance by Jack O’Neill and I think deep down I had hoped that somehow the script writers would get Jack and Sam together.  Also, it was so strange to see Teal’C with hair LOL.   I have read that there is another Stargate film in production called Stargate: Continuum, which will include Jack O’Neill so will look forward to that being released.

Today I have to catch up with my ironing, the only trouble with being off from work for a week was that I took the opportunity to really catch up on the housework and I washed everything I could get my hands on.  Should take me quite a few hours today, but once that is done I can get on with my scissors fob.

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6 thoughts on “Floss Ring Tag

  1. I love your floss ring tag Sandra! I really must try one of these. Looking forward to seeing your scissor fob too.

    Ooh another Stargate film! I shall look forward to that. Strangely enough we all commented on Teal’c having hair too!

  2. Nice floss ring, maybe you’ll have time to pull in the JA monthly challenge in your weekend stitching LOL (no pressure!)

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