Scissor Fob HD

I have had a very relaxing couple of days, just gentle housework, stitching, XBox 360, DVD’s and lots of sleep.  I have definitely made the most of my last couple of days off work, it’s back to reality tomorrow and from a chat I had with  my boss this morning I’m definitely going to have my nose to the grindstone tomorrow!

At the end of last month I discovered that a member of staff had been stealing from the firm.  She was the accounts manager and had been routinely paying herself nearly double her salary every month since she started working for us.  I immediately told my boss, the senior partner of the firm, and he called in our previous accounts manager (who retired last year) to investigate this and it turns out that it was definitely a deliberate act and she had been sacked from her last job for “gross misconduct”, but had left her last job off her CV and said she had been travelling around Australia to explain the gap in her employment.  He’s still trying to find out what exactly had gone on at her last place of employment.  He sacked her last week, our old accounts manager is coming back to fill in for the time being but a lot of extra tasks will probably end up coming my way!

Yesterday I finished off the scissors fob I had started on Saturday.  It’s a Cat’s Whiskers design from the Indian Dreams chart.



This was a pleasure to stitch and the finishing instructions were very good.  I’m using it on my very favourite pair of scissors, my Gingher Cheetahs

For the rest of today I think I will work on How Does your Garden Grow, unless Martina treats us to an early release of part 4 of Celtic Mystery 😉

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6 thoughts on “Scissor Fob HD

  1. Lovely little elephant fob Sandra. I thought I hadnt seen any posts from you for a while and now I know why lol because you have moved to wordpress. Never mind I have now deleted the old link and put the new one on so I should be able to follow your lovely stitching again.

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