Weekend update

Like most of the UK we woke up to snow yesterday. This is what my garden looked like first thing in the morning.

Unfortunately the snow didn’t last very long and it turned into quite a warm, sunny day.   We had some snow showers this morning, and in fact it’s just started snowing again, but I doubt we’ll get much.

I’ve been working this weekend on part 4 of Celtic Mystery.  I had a pretty slow start on it because this part involves some backstitching using perle thread and on my 32 count fabric it looked awful, so I ended up substituting the perle for some silk thread from my stash.  It may not look exactly as charted by Martina but I figure that the only people who will know that are the others who are stitching it and once it’s hanging on my wall no-one who sees it there is going to be any the wiser.  This part also involves a lot of french knots.  When I first started stitching I hated french knots with a passion, I could never get them right.  I don’t exactly know how it happened but now I love doing them!  This is part 4 so far

And a closer shot

I’m going to stitch some more on part 4 this evening and I’m hoping to have finished it by the weekend.

This is one of our cats, Ginger, he loves to sit in our bedroom window birdwatching and sunbathing LOL

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5 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. Lovely progress on this one. Like you I love french knots but I have to learn to do the other ones (think they are colonial knots) that are wrapped like a figure of eight and I just cannot get the hang of them.

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