Celtic Mystery Part 4

I’ve been very quiet this month, due to being so busy at work.  Things are extremely hectic there at the moment and I haven’t been able to stitch every night because I’ve been so tired.    I have managed to finish part 4 of Celtic Mystery, as you can see.

After last months part I was hoping for something a little easier, unfortuntely I didn’t get it LOL.  This part was a real pain in the you know what.  It involved backstitching using perle thread on 32 count fabric.  The result was awful.  I stitched, unpicked, stitched again, about four times before I decided that I just could not use that thread and made a substitution of my own.  I used some Dinky Dyes silks in a sort of similar colour which looks much nicer.    It’s the first time I have felt like throwing a Chatelaine through the window LOL.  I love Martina’s designs and the threads she uses in them, but this time the perle just didn’t work for me.

Fingers crossed for a far easier part 5!

I have also been working on a needleroll for an exchange on Jayne’s Attic Stitch and Stash forum.  I found a very pretty chart and am pleased with the way it’s turning out.  I can’t show you a pic yet as it is a secret exchange.  I’ve never made a needleroll before so am a bit nervous about finishing, but I’ve found a couple of really good tutorials to help me through.

I also nearly had a new start this week but managed to control myself.  I was browsing on the Just A Thought site and saw this gorgeous needlebook.  I have been dying to start it ever since the chart was emailed to me, but I really want to finish my needleroll first.

Well, I have to work again today so no stitching for me until this evening, if I can keep my eyes open.  Phill is out in the garage working on his Jeep so I have peace and quiet in the house today to get my work done.  Hopefully today should be the last weekend I have to work for a while – hooray!!

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8 thoughts on “Celtic Mystery Part 4

  1. CM is beautiful Sandra. At least there is some definition to what you are doing I feel with Taj that I am using some beautiful threads and colours that because they just seem to merge into one another they lose themselves if you understand what I mean, maybe it will look different when I get some more done.

    I love your new chart and can fully understand the temptation.

  2. The chatelaine is stunning, u’m not surprised you didn’t use the perle, its a little think on 28ct never mind 32ct!!

    The needlebook chart is lovely, i’ll watch this space for an update in the very near future then LOL

  3. Celtic Mystery is looking gorgeous!! I’ve admired her designs but never tried one. I find it very expensive and quite big for me these days. I am a bit surprise using perle on 32 ct, though, i agree with Julie it’s more for 28ct.

    That’s a beautifull needlebook!

    Been working the last days haven’t touch the needle for a fw days too. Just too tired! Hopefully later this week, or else i’ll get behind on a couple of exchanges i’ve signed in. A pity i missed the nedleroll at Jayne’s Forum.
    Goodluck with yours though. I find needleroll easier to do than flatfold/pinkeeps.

  4. For all the pain — it’s beautiful! Pat yourself on the back for surviving it so far and remind yourself how pretty it will end up being. 🙂

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