I’m back!

2009 has arrived and with it has come a renewed enthusiam for stitching.  For some reason this usually seems to happen at around this time of year, probably because of the long break off work at Christmas/New Year which gives me more time to myself and more time to browse the blogs and forums for inspiration.

In past years I have started the New Year with hopes of finishing some long outstanding WIPs, unfortuntely this never seems to happen lol!  I have so many WIPs/UFOs that I always feel incredibly guilty for not stitching on them as much as I can.  This can take the fun out of stitching for me and I end up packing everything away and turning on the XBox 360 instead.  This is exactly what happened to me earlier in the year, gaming completely took over, and I must admit that I have only stitched one thing since about May last year.  That was a Tatty Teddy Wedding Sampler for a colleage of mine, which I really disliked stitching.  The backstitching on those designs drives me mad.

This year I have put my WIP’s back into their storage boxes, although I am planning on working on a couple of them quite soon, and looked for something new to stitch.  I have completely fallen in love with a few designs which I am planning on starting soon.  They are:

Ink Circles – Cirques des Triangles.  I already have the chart for this, which was a gift from a good friend.  I have two pieces of fabric which are both possibilities and I’m just giving some thought to floss colour.

Papillon Creations – New World.  I ordered the chart yesterday, which arrived within minutes as a PDF file.  I have the perfect fabric in mind and have chosen the perfect thread to match it.  Unfortunately the thread is Needle Necessities and I only have one skein.  I have ordered a few skeins of the Threadworx version of the thread which should be identical so as soon as they arrive I am ready to start.

Grand Marquoir 2009 – This is a stitch a long over 12 months, consisting of six parts released at two month intervals.  I absolutely love this design!  I printed it off and started last night, using white Belfast linen and good old DMC 815.  It looks so pretty I can’t wait to get home from work and stitch some more.

I had a new laptop for Christmas so have spent the last few evenings sorting out my bookmarks and links to my favourite blogs/forums/shops,  and will be “showing my face” on a couple of forums and commenting on some blogs over the next few days.

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3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Hi Sandra – great to see you back. I also have Cirque des triangles ready to start – do you fancy an informal SAL, just the 2 of us? I’m thinking it might help to keep me motivated. email me if you are interested

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