Good Progress

I had a day off today.  I am supposed to work four days a week (Tuesday to Friday).  This doesn’t happen too often anymore as we are quite short staffed at work and rather busy at the moment.  Also, I have been grateful of the overtime I get for working Mondays so have been making the most of the busy period and putting the money away for a rainy day.  Phill is self employed and is a kitchen fitter, so with the current financial climate we’re not really sure how things are going to work out for him the upcoming months.  At the moment he is as busy as ever, but things can change very quickly so it’s good to have a saftey net in the bank.  I did work last Monday, and I know I have to work next Monday as I have to process the salaries, also I did a few hours work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend so today I decided to have a “me” day.  This involved lots of time on the computer, lots of stitching, and not too much housework!

I got lots done on Grand Marquoir:


Not a brilliant picture but it’s looking great in real life.

I had seen a chart designed by Isabelle Vautier, who also designed Grand Marquoir, but as her site is in French I couldn’t work out how to order the chart.  However, thanks to Claire who helped me locate the chart on a French site I have now ordered the chart and one other chart which took my fancy.  The first chart is Nom d’un Oiseau the second is Lettres a mon Chat  I ordered them from Univers Broderie at least I think I did, but the website is in French and so were the emails that arrived following the order LOL.  I’m sure everything went okay though.

I also ordered another Ink Circles chart yesterday from Celtic Rose Needlecraft – Cirque de Carreaux.  I think I am just about spent out this month, apart from a couple of threads which I need to order to start Cirque des Triangles on Saturday.

I’ve also been working on a rotation which I am thinking of starting on Saturday.  By then I will have finished the current part of Grand Marquoir so I’m making plans for a rotation which will let me work on my new starts and also try and also progress some of my WIPs.  More details to follow….

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6 thoughts on “Good Progress

  1. Wow!!! you’ve come along in leaps and bounds! Just as well you’ve got plenty of other projects to keep you going because you’ll have a long wait before part two is available and don’t want you getting bored ^^

  2. Grand Marquoir looks fantastic!. I love Isabelle Vautier’s designs too – Nom d’un Oiseau looks like a really fun piece! BTW I’ve ordered from Univers Broderie in the past with no problem.

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