Grand Marquoir – Part 1 completed.

I put the last few stitches in part one of Grand Marquoir this evening.  











I was sorry to finish this part as it was so enjoyable to stitch so I will look forward to the next part being released, which I think is at the end of February.

Next, I plan on starting Papillon Creations “New World”, and work on that for a couple of days.  I’ve also been thinking about a rotation and I’ve come up with the following plan:-

  • Saturdays – Cirque des Traingles (Ink Circles) SAL with Jane
  • Sundays – Open day where I stitch whatever I feel like
  • Mondays – New World (Papillon Creations) – although if I have Mondays off work with no other plans I will split my time between New World and stash sorting/tidying as I want to go through everything I’ve got for items to sell/trade. (I need the space!)
  • Tuesdays – The Chocolate Shoppe (Little House Needleworks)
  • Wednesdays – Cirque des Carreaux (Ink Circles)
  • Thursdays – UFO night.  Stitch on any UFO – and there are lots to choose from 😉
  • Fridays – Open night where I stitch whatever I feel like.

This rotation will change when the second part of Grand Maquoir is released so I can incorporate that into the rotation.

The UFOs I plan to work on at the moment are Celtic Autumn which is probably 50% complete and Judy O’Dell’s Attic Collection Accessory Book which has quite a way to go yet.

This rotation is quite easy going really and doesn’t include any of the more intensive designs I have already started (like Chatelaines) but I may well work on them on my open days if I feel adventurous lol.   The best thing about the designs I have chosen is that they are easily packed away as most of them involve one thread colour and the LHN design is quite small and easily put away, out of the reach of inquisitive cats!

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5 thoughts on “Grand Marquoir – Part 1 completed.

  1. Sounds like a plan Sandra – hope it works for you. I’m having a little trouble getting much stitching time at present so not sure how I feel about my rotation yet.

  2. First part of the marquoir looks brilliant. I have to say you sound organized having a rota for stitching certain projects on certain days during the week – I can only cope with a couple of projects on the go at any given time and there’s no method whatsoever to when I stitch what ^^

  3. This Marquoir already looks great after part 1. I’m not stitching it because I have so many things on the go but I’m looking forward to seeing progerss pictures.
    Good luck with your rotation I hope it works for you.

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