Cirque des Triangles

Yesterday was the first day of the Cirque des Triangles stitch a long with Jane, and I’m very pleased with the progress I managed to make.  This is a lovely design to stitch, especially once I’d enlarged the chart to A3 size 😉


Again, not a good photograph, the fabic is quite a lot creamier than shows in this photo.

Today is open day in my rotation,  so I can stitch whatever I want.  I plan on stitching a small gift which I can’t tell you about at the moment, and then I’ll have a look through my WIP’s to see which one calls to me the loudest.

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8 thoughts on “Cirque des Triangles

  1. Its always difficult getting colours to look like they do in real life and even then you cannot be sure everyones monitors are set the same as yours, but the colours certainly look lovely to me. What thread are you using Sandra?

  2. Thanks for listing colours for me Sandra. I too love ThreadworX though I do not have many yet (something I am trying to rectify lol) and its hard when you are looking at a wee bit on the screen trying to choose. Seeing them used like this gives a far better idea.

    Lovely colours for the this one too.

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