Fob happy dance

Firstly, to answer a couple of questions about the thread colour I am using for Cirque des Triangles and New World – I am using Threadworx for both, Cherry Vanilla for Cirque and Fantasy Island for New World.  These are my favourite make of thread, and very good value as they come in huge skeins compared to other hand dyed threads.

On Sunday I made a small scissors fob for my sister, who has just started stitching again. 



I also stitched quite a bit on Judy O’Dells Attic Needlework book, not a great picture below but I took it in a rush this morning before leaving for work LOL.


This shows all the components of the needlework book, but here is a close up of the one I worked on


I didn’t get any stitching done at all last night as we went to look at a Jeep that Phill was interested in buying which was about a fifty minute drive away, and by the time we got home it was gone nine o’clock and I was absolutely shattered.

So tonight I will making up for that with a new start of Chocolate Shoppe.

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