The Chocolate Shoppe

I made a good start on LHN’s The Chocolate Shoppe last night.  The fabric is called Heirloom from Sugar Maple Fabrics and I’m using DMC to stitch.  Again, not a good picture, actually it looks like an old fashioned handlebar moustache 🙂

The Chocolate Shoppe

I had a lovely surprise when I got home last night, the postman had been with the charts I ordered from Universe Broderie.

Universe Broderie

I really do want to start one (or both) of these straight away, and am tempted to replace one of my open nights in my rotation to include one or other of these charts.  One of them “Non d’un oiseau” has a saying in french at the bottom of the chart which says “Nom d’un oiseau.  On a jamais vu chats aussi idiots”.  Claire, if you read this perhaps you could translate it for me 🙂

Tonight I start Cirque des Carreaux by Ink Circles and I’m looking forward to making a start.

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4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Shoppe

  1. Hi Sandra
    loosely translated it means: Goodness gracious! We’ve never seen such stupid cats.
    but in French it sounds better and, of course, it rhymes ^^

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