Cirque des Carreaux

Last night I stitched on my final new start (for the moment anyway) Cirque des Carreaux.

I  have taken a photo which I thought I had uploaded ready to put in this blog, but I think I must have dreamt that because it’s not there!  I’m in work at the moment, so will upload the photo when I get home.

Edited to add photo


I’m using a Silkweaver fabric called Summer Sunset and my favourite hand dyed thread of all, another Threadworx called Desert Sunset (it used to be called Sequoia in the Needle Necessities range).

I really am enjoying everything I am stitching at the moment, and have more enthusiasm for stitching than I have had in a long time.

I’m still trying to resist the temptation of starting one of the Isabelle Vautier charts which arrived earlier this week.  Wish me luck in staying strong enough to resist!

Tonight is UFO night in my rotation, and I think I will carry on stitching on Judy O’Dells Attic Collection Accessory book.  Stitching this chart is the easy part, the worst part for me will be the finishing the stitched pieces into the Accessory book.  The instructions look clear and easy to follow but I’m still very nervous that I will make a complete hash of it.


3 thoughts on “Cirque des Carreaux

  1. Such a lovely thread colour.
    I too am aprehensive about finishing off my Peacock Chair thats why its still sitting in the workbox …

  2. a lovely start to this SAL ^^
    and go on, give in to temptation and make a start on one of your Isabelle Vautier charts – you know you really want to LOL. And just in case you need more encouragement . . . if you start the one called “Lettre à mon chat” then I’ll quite happily let you lead me into temptation ^^ have that chart in my stash and any excuse to make a start on it would be welcome !!

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