Weekend Update

Saturday I managed to get a little more done in Cirque des Triangles.


Yesterday was open day, so I stitched on two things.  Firstly a little more of The Chocolate Shoppe.


And finally I brought out a long neglected UFO, Celtic Autumn.


Today is a perfect stitching day.  I have a day off work, I have done the housework and it’s snowing outside so not a good day for going out anywhere.  A lot of the UK has already had very heavy snow overnight and apparently it’s headed our way.  It’s been snowing since around 6.30am this morning and in the last half an hour it has turned very heavy and is starting to stick to the ground.  Time to get the kettle on, get some stitching out and watch The Other Boelyn Girl which I recorded earlier this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on my stitching, I really appreciate each and every one.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. excellent progress on Cirque de Triangles !!! it’s looking very effective.
    And good to see you’re going to pick up a UFO – those seasonal ladies by L&L are stunning – are you going to stitch the whole set? ^^

  2. Very good progress on your WIPs.
    I wish I had The Other Boleyn Girl. That is certainly a good movie. I will watch Groundhog Day , it’s the perfect movie for today.

  3. You have made good progress on CdesT Sandra – afraid mine was not so great so I will try to do a little catch up during the week. Good news is I am off next weekend so lots of stitching will take place!!
    Love the Chocolate Shoppe too – this one definitely on my wish list.

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