Snow Day!

We had some quite heavy snow last night, we don’t normally get much as we are so close to the coast but with that first fall came the promise of more during the night.  This morning we woke up to around four inches of snow.  This may not seem much but the whole city seems to grind to a halt after about an inch or so.  There were no buses running and 99% of the schools were closed.  I live in a very hilly area and even though we are on a main road which is fairly well gritted the side roads and in particular the road leading down the hill were particuarly bad.  After numerous text messages and phone calls between my work colleagues, one of my bosses texted everyone and told them not to even attempt to drive in to work.  I was so relieved, I really don’t like driving in the snow.


Back garden

Back garden

Tomorrow we’ve been warned to expect dangerous road conditions because of ice so I’m really not looking forward to the journey to work tomorrow morning.  Also, we’re supposed to have an even heavier fall of snow on Thursday and Friday.

The good thing about the snow of course is that I had an unexpected day off and lots of stitching time!

First, here’s the progress I made on Monday on New World.


2nd February 2009

2nd February 2009

Today, I almost have a finish to show you.  I ran out of one colour (DMC 3865) on Chocolate Shoppe or else I would have finished it.  I will order some tomorrow and finish it off at the end of the week.


3rd February 2009

3rd February 2009

All it’s missing is the cake stands on the three cakes in the middle of the picture so it won’t take me long to finish this off

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3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. It was good for you to have an extra stitching day. Very nice progress pictures. And a very near finish.
    I don’t like slippery roads either but as I live in a mountaineous region we are used to driving in the snow. Nothing ever closes down because of snow, sigh.

  2. Great pic of the garden. Everything came to a halt here too, and again today, no buses – we’ve ran out of grit!!!!

    Lovely progress on your stitching.

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