Back to normal

Well, the snow has all gone, even though we were supposed to have some more last night it didn’t materialise so everything is back to normal.  It was pretty while it lasted though, and it would have been really good to have another day off work LOL.

Last night I stitched some more on Cirque des Carreaux, it’s going really well and stitching up faster than I thought it would.  I really didn’t want to put it down!


I had a nice suprise when I got home from work yesterday, a magazine I had ordered from Ebay had arrrived.   It’s the March/April issue of Just Cross Stitch and I bought it because there’s an Ink Circles design in there which I love.  It will be a perfect companion for New World.    It’s called Growth Rings and here’s a pic


I’m definitely not going to start this one until I’ve finished one of the larger projects in my rotation 😉


4 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. excellent progress on your Cirque des Carreaux, Sandra!
    and I have to say, after seeing some of the Ink Circles designs on your blog and others, I’ve had a look at their designs – don’t know if I’d have the patience to work something like that BUT they look fabulous!

  2. You are making good rpogress on your Ink Circle project. It seems to be a bit like with the Quakers – the motifs stitch up very well and fast and you can see the progress after each sitting.
    The only way how I could love snow would be snow days, lol. But snow days are a very rare thing up here. I’ve seen two snow days in 33 years and they weren’t filled with stitching but with shoveling snow off driveways, sidewalks and cars, lol.

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