Lazy Sunday afternoon

Phill and I are both feeling a bit under the weather today so we’ve had a really lazy afternoon.  There are so many colds and coughs around at the moment we’ve both been lucky not to have caught anything, but we both feel like we’re coming down with a cold, both got sore throats and sneezes.  Luckily I’ve got tomorrow off work so I have an extra day to try and get rid of it.  Phill’s not so lucky – he only worked one day last week, mostly due to the problems caused by the snow, so had to work tomorrow no matter how bad he feels.

I have a couple of stitching updates to post, first of all from Thursday, which was UFO night.  This is the final UFO I’m introducing into my rotation.  It’s a chart that was released by Cross Stitcher Magazine last year called Tutankhamun.  


I started this last year and had completely forgotten about it until I started looking for some magnetic strips to send to my sister, I found it in a drawer in my stash cabinet and really wanted to stitch on it again.  So, at the moment the three UFO’s I will be stitching on are Tutankhamun, Celtic Autumn and Judy O’Dells Attic Accessory book.

I didn’t get any stitching done on Friday, by the time I got home from work, went to Tesco to do the weekly shop and had something to eat it was time for bed!  I think this is when the cold started making an appearance as I was in bed by 10.30pm which is very early for me.

Yesterday was Cirque des Triangles SAL day.  I did have to work in the morning but managed to get quite a lot done.


Jane has also made good progress, you can see hers here.  Today I’m getting some more done on New World.  This is in my rotation for tomorrow too so I hope to have a lot of progress to show you at the end of tomorrow.  

I’m hoping the postman will have some pressies for me tomorrow, I am waiting for an order from Sew and So, which includes the DMC 3865 I need to finish off Chocolate Shoppe, and also I’m waiting for my order from Univers Broderie which has the threads I need to start the SAL with Claire of Lettres a Mon chat.

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4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday afternoon

  1. Your Cirque de Triangles is looking good ^^ and glad to see you’ve added a UFO to your rotation! Fingers crossed that the postman brings you your stitching goodies today for our SAL – am itching to make a start :o)

  2. Lots more progress on this one, and how lovely to see Tut, lots of ladies seem to have done a variation of this one.
    Hope your goodies have arrived safely.

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