Chocolate Shoppe happy dance

Lots of photos to share today!  

Firstly my order from Sew and So arrived which included the thread I needed to finish off Chocolate Shoppe.


Chocolate Shoppe - LHN

Chocolate Shoppe - LHN

Also, I got my order from Univers Broderie, which contained the long awaited threads I need to start my SAL with Claire.  I am using plain white Belfast linen for this, as the red threads will look stunning.  Here’s a floss toss.  We are starting the SAL on Thursday, so Lettres a mon Chat will replace my UFO slot in my rotation.  I’ll stitch on my UFO’s on Fridays instead.


Lettres floss toss

Lettres floss toss

On Monday I carried on stitching on New World and it stitched up really really quickly.  I have almost finished two pages of the chart (there are six in total but two of those are quite small pages compared to the rest.


New World - 9th February

New World - 9th February

This picture really shows off the colour of the fabric well.

Finally, if you aren’t bored already, I treated myself to a new chart from Sew and So.  My Dad gave me some money for Christmas which I hadn’t spent yet and I saw this design from The Drawn Thread and couldn’t resist.  It’s called Moonlight Garden.  It has a LOT of speciality stitches so will be quite challenging to stitch!  I have only stitched one other Drawn Thread design, An Open Heart, which I really enjoyed and the explanations of the speciality stitches seem very clear so I should be okay.  I ordered the fabric and threads at the same time as the chart, the fabric is called Stoney Point from Wichelet and the threads are a mix of NPI/Northern Lights and Dinky Dyes.


Moonlight Garden floss toss

Moonlight Garden floss toss

I’m putting this one away until later in the year, but just wanted to buy everything before I spent the money on something else 🙂

I did actually get some stitching done during my lunch hour today.  Inspired by a recent entry on Claire’s blog I dug out an old UFO” Too Pooped” which I think I will leave in work to occupy my lunch hours.  I’ll take it home at the weekend and take a photo of it.  I started this ages ago and it came as a kit, which included Aida.  It’s a long time since I stitched on Aida, and it felt like holding a piece of cardboard compared to the linens I’ve been using recently 🙂 

Time for me to leave the office now and make my way home!  Tonight I’m going to stitch on Cirque des Carreaux.

Have a good evening!

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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Shoppe happy dance

  1. Well done on finishing your Chocolate Shoppe – looks very decadent with all those edibles ^^
    You’re a very brave woman to be taking on “Moonlight Garden” in the near future . . . all those special stitches would have me running LOL.
    And your threads for “Lettres” look lovely – the Pomme de Pin looks like it’s going to stitch up very nicely!
    Have fun on Cirque des Carreaux tonight – your New World project is looking very impressive – looks you’re almost half way there?

  2. Love the Chocolate Shoppe – think I will have to get that one. New World is coming on well – such a lovely colour. Good luck with the Drawn Thread design – I am stitching Toccata #1 – quite challenging!

  3. Congratulations on a very nice finish.
    I love your new projects. Moonlight Garden looks gorgeous, it’s beautiful. And for Lettres your bought some great threads. Enjoy the new starts!

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