SAL progress

Just a quick update post from me this morning, I have to work today and the sooner I start the sooner I finish!

Here’s my progress on Cirque des Carreaux from Wednesday night.


Cirques des Carreaux

Cirques des Carreaux

Thursday was the start of my SAL with Claire of Lettres a mon chat, a design by Isabelle Vautier.  I made good progress apart from one tiny mistake which I was going to unpick but in the end I decided to just leave it as it is.  


Lettres a mon chat

Lettres a mon chat

The Pomme des Pin threads are a joy to stitch with, so I think i may order a few more of them in other colours, just in case 🙂

Hopefully I will get some time later to work on Cirques des Triangles, it depends how long I have to work and how tired my eyes are after working!

Have a good weekend!!


4 thoughts on “SAL progress

  1. lots of lovely REDs with both Cirque des Carreaux and Lettres ^^ both looking very good.
    And YES I’m enjoying working with Pomme de Pin threads – the gentle shift from darker to brighter tone is so subtle and even though I’m working with nice long lengths, I’m not having any trouble with threads knotting!

  2. CdesC is looking good and I love your new start. hope you get some stitching done tonight – I worked today too and am just about to go and start some stitching.

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