SAL Update

On Saturday I had a small happy dance on Cirque des Triangles.  The chart is six pages in total and I have finished page 1!

saturday-14th-februaryIt’s taken four weeks to finish one page so it should take roughly five more months to finish the whole design.  Not too bad, as it’s a large design.

Sunday/Monday I didn’t get too much stitching time.  I did manage a little bit more on New World and am almost at the half way stage on this one.


Tonight would normally be LHN night but as I have finished Chocolate Shoppe I decided to stitch a little on a UFO tonight – Tutankhamun.  I will have a pic of that next time.

I’ve also made a slight alteration to my rotation.  I have added Lettres a mon chat on Thursday evening and have decided to concentrate on one UFO on Friday evenings.  I narrowed it down to between Celtic Autumn, Tutankhamun, Judy O’Dells Accessory book and Too Pooped and asked Phill to choose one.   He chose Too Pooped (I think he knew this was one of my oldest UFOs!) so I will now work on that every Friday night, and also during my lunch hour at work when I have the time.

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5 thoughts on “SAL Update

  1. have visions of you doing all this happy dancing lol
    exellent work on both New World and Cirque des Triangles! and very pleased to hear that Phill picked TOO POOPED to be your next UFO to be tackled – you won’t regret it ^^

  2. Love your wips, not seen New World before. I worked out the other day it took me over 18 months to stitch half of cirque, and then I’ve almost done the other half in 2 months lol. That is if I can get it finisheed this month.

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