Another catch up

I really have to get my act together and post my update pics every evening instead of putting it off for a few days and then having one huge post covering everything!  Today has been a very good day.  A few weeks ago Phill bought a new car, but all didn’t go as well as he’d hoped and the car had lots of problems.  He ended up getting a full refund from the garage he bought it from, even though we did have to go to the garage and more or less ambush the guy for the cash 😉  The cheque which he supposedly posted two weeks ago has still not arrived!  The good thing that when we were on the way back from the garage I spotted another Jeep Cherokee for sale at a different garage, we stopped to have a look and Phill ended up buying it.  We collected it this morning and he is very pleased with it.  Unfortunately he has a bad case of “man flu” at the moment so isn’t feeling well enough to play with it, normally he’d have been washing and polishing it to within an inch of its life by now but instead he’s lying on the settee having forty winks 😉

Other good things that happened today – the postman arrived with two parcels for me.  On Wednesday I ordered the silk threads for the Ink Circles design which was in Just Cross Stitch Magazine (Growth Rings).  They are Hand Dyed Fibers – I already have quite a few of their threads and they are lovely to use.  I was amazed to see them arrive this morning, the quickest anything has arrived here from the US.  I also ordered a “Detritus bag” of threads which is 25 skeins of mis dyed, mis labelled threads, a bit like a bag of broken biscuits :-).  They are absolutely beautiful!

Growth Rings

Hand Dyed Fibers

I also ordered some fabric this week from somewhere new (to me) – Sparklies.  I ordered a piece of Parchmant lugana and that arrived this morning too, again fanastic service from the owner, Kate.  The fabric is perfect for a design I saw this week, I haven’t bought the chart yet but will put the fabric away until I do!  The colour isn’t showing too well on this picture unforunately.


  Finally, I have some update pics of stitching.  Firstly Cirque des Carrreaux from Wednesday.


Secondly, Lettres a mon chat from Thursday.  This is a SAL with Claire and also Jenny has joined us too.  I’m enjoying this one a LOT!


Finally, a pic of the UFO I am concentrating on finishing.  Too Pooped.  I started this literally years ago, and it is on aida, whereas I prefer linen, which is one of the reasons it’s still a UFO.  I also found a few mistakes I had made which made it difficult to find my place at times.  I think it’s all sorted now though, the cat is completely stitched and its just the tree left to do.  I’ll be working on this on my open days and UFO day until it’s finished.


Congratulations if you managed to get to the end of this very long post and I promise to try and post a bit more regularly in future!  

Now, we’ve collected the car, come back home, done the weekly shop and put it all away, time to put our feet up for an hour or two with Cirque des Triangles.  Have a great weekened everybody!

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3 thoughts on “Another catch up

  1. great to hear all the car news and stitching news^^ Those new threads look gorgeous – I specially like the colour “flannel dark” (if my squinting at screen made out the words correctly?). Excellent progress on Cirque des Carreaux and Lettres – Jenny is doing hers in blue, don’t know if you’ve seen? So that’ll be three very different versions to compare at the end.
    And also lovely to see TOO POOPED out there on a limb ^^ . . . I agree the aida in that kit DOES feel like cardboard but it’ll be well worth persevering for a finish because that cat is just too much !

  2. Great new stash and nice progress on the WIP’s. My friend has ‘pooped’ on her lounge wall it’s such a great design.
    Get Well Soon Phill, and please dont share your germs!

  3. Great progress on all your pieces Sandra. Hope Phill feels better soon. Still can’t decide if I like Growth Rings or not…
    Interested to hear what you say about Sparklies – I have seen their fabric at a show and it looked great but for some reason didn’t buy any ( not like me at all)
    I might give them a try sometime soon.

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