Still Pooped!

First of all, can I say thank you to those who left comments sending Phill get well wishes, they are much appreciated.  The man flu still has hold of him, but thankfully he is able to sleep soundly all night so is well rested the following morning.  However, I’m managing on a couple of hours sleep a night because his snoring/coughing/sniffling is keeping me awake 😉  He was well enough to play with his new toy yesterday though, and the Jeep is now shining brightly outside the house.  I really must give my Mini a wash today so I don’t let the side down 😉

I did manage to get a little bit more of Cirque des Triangles done on Saturday, not as much as I’d like but progress none the less.  Sorry about the shadows in the pictures today, they were taken very early this morning when it was quite dark.  

Yesterday I carried on with Too Pooped, although a bit of time was wasted trying to work out a counting error (again).  I’m back on track now though and hopefully the rest of the stitching should go quite quickly.  The backstitch may take a little longer though 😉


This cat reminds me so much of our cat Tinker, except that she’s not always as calm as this.  We think she is slightly schizophrenic as one minute she will be sitting on your lap, purring and looking for fuss, a bit like a floppy rag doll,  the next minute she starts growling and lashes out at everything in sight.  Here she is ……



Thanks for visiting!

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6 thoughts on “Still Pooped!

  1. I thought you would have leapt ahead of me this week Sandra as I only managed 2 small triangles ( not the same 2). Too Pooped is looking great too and I love the photos of Tinker

  2. Good progress on both.

    Tinker is adorable, she and Midge would make great pals, he is very much like that, i put it down to him being a rescued cat.

  3. good progress Sandra ^^
    and Tinker looks rather like our Merlin – who was MY inspiration for stitching Too Pooped as Merlin DOES flake out like that anywhere lol.

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