Louis update

After spending almost three hours at the vet this morning (they were VERY busy),  Louis ended up being kept in as the vet discovered that his bladder was distended and she could not express any urine so suspected a blockage.  He was sedated, they inserted a cathater and flushed his tubes.  There was a blockage, which hopefully has now been dispersed, but they wanted to keep him in overnight.  Poor Louis 😦

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5 thoughts on “Louis update

  1. I am so sorry for Louis. That can be such a serious thing in male cats.
    Usually they can tell the cause of it when they analyze the crystals they find.
    With my Willie they determined that we had to change his diet to less ash/potassium, magnesium content.
    We did and he has been great since.
    Hope he feels better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about Louis – but wanted to suggest you follow Erica’s advice (and vet will probably suggest it too) – on the animal food market you can buy special “neutered cat” dried food that contains less ash/potassium/magnesium and that prevents build up of “sediment” in the urninary tract. It’s a bit more expensive than normal dried food but it’s well worth spending the little extra if it helps Louis.

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