So glad it’s the weekend

I’m really glad that the weekend has finally arrived.  This week in work has been extra extra busy and I have been completely run off my feet.  Today is going to be a pretty busy day too.  Our cat Louis didn’t seem himself last night.  He’s the type of cat who loves being close to us, but rarely cuddles up on our lap.  When I got home last night he was curled up in a ball on Phill’s lap and had been there for an hour or so and Phill said that every time he left the lounge Louis would follow him and then when he sat back down Louis would jump back up on his lap again.    When we tried to have a good look at him to see if he was hurt in any way, he growled at us and started weeing over Phill’s lap.  The was a little blood in his urine too, which is worrying.  This morning he’s no better, is still very subdued and seems in a bit of pain and is also leaking a little wee now and again.  We’re taking him to the vet this morning so hopefully they will be able to sort him out.  He did have cystitis when he was a kitten and the symptoms seem to be the same so hopefully that’s all it will be again.

I didn’t get any stitching done last night as I went out with the other girls at work for a Chinese meal, which was fabulous.  When we went into the restaurant I saw an ex boss of mine and her partner, who is a Barrister who works closely with the firm I work for.  Ex boss asked me if current boss was paying for the meal.  As if!!  🙂   Five minutes later the waiter brought over two bottles of their best champagne, compliments of ex boss and her partner! 

I do have some pictures for you, firstly Cirques des Carreaux – this is Wednesday’s progress.  This is a really good picture (for a change) of the colours in this one.  


Secondly, Lettres a Mon Chat – Thursday’s progress.  This is a really nice stitch, the threads I’m using are quite luxurious, it’s a struggle to put it down!



Thirdly, as he is poorly today, this is Louis.  He just loves climbing things 😉


I can see that today I’m not going to get much stitching time, as by the time we get back from the vet, we need to look for a new mattress as ours needs replacing, I have to buy a new duvet as Louis had a little accident on ours this morning so I put it in the washing machine, so I want a spare one just in case I can’t get it dried properly.  I also want to pop to my Mum’s this afternoon too, and then get the housework done.  If I do get any time I will work on Cirques des Triangles.  Tomorrow I plan to do not much at all, apart from stitch and catch up with the weeks TV we’ve recorded.  I joined a SAL on The Stitchers Village with Jane, Sheila and a few others and am looking forward to learning how to make a tuffett.  It’s made with Dinky Dyes silk, which is one of my favourite silks.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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4 thoughts on “So glad it’s the weekend

  1. You made some good progress on both projects.
    I hope that your Saturday wasn’t too stressful after a stressful week. But then, you still have tomorrow and I wish you a great Sunday full of stitching adventures.

  2. great photos and great progress Sandra – lovely vivid reds of both projects.
    I hope the vet visit goes well and that Louis doesn’t have anything serious – I know how worrying it can be with sick animals.

  3. Hi Sandra – you have made good progress on your projects this week. I managed to stitch 2 small squares on CdeT yesterday – will try and blog later.

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