Another Louis Update

Louis is home!  We picked him up at aruond 6pm this evening.  He had had a comfortable night last night at the vets, but had pulled his drip out and had not eaten anything at all so the vet wanted him to stay in for today, just to make sure he was alright.  Of course, they don’t know Louis’ picky eating habits, for example he won’t eat just any old food, he has  to have a certain kind of food, in a certain bowl and Phill always has to give him a good “scrag” before he’ll eat – he’s so spoiled 😉   They also needed him to urinate on his own, which he did, and just to prove that he could do it again, he wee’d on the way home too, luckily I was driving and he was in the basket on Phill’s lap 😮

Thanks to Erica and Claire for the tip about the food, we did speak to the vet about his diet and ended up buying him a bag of Royal Canin Urinary food, which so far he seems to like.

So £327 later (ouch!) he’s home, well fed and fast asleep.

Thank you all for the good wishes and miaow from Louis. xx

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5 thoughts on “Another Louis Update

  1. This is good news ….. so pleased he is home and on the mend. Poor Phill, better a wet patch on your knee than a spray up the leg when you got home (that happened here LOL)

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