Some stitching at last!

Sunday evening I finally got to do some stitching.  I hadn’t stitched since Thursday evening, which may not seem like long but it felt like weeks!

I started a Stitch A Long on Stitchers Village, with Sheila and Jane amongst others.  The design is called Hearts and Flowers and it will be made into a tuffett, a first for me.  The fabric is Manhattan Myst from Dyeing4U and the threads are Hand Dyed Fibers = Purple and Dark Evergreen.  The photo is really bad, but if you click it you should get taken to the Webshots album for a slightly (but not much) better one.


Yesterday I stitched a little on New World, and will continue on that this evening so I will post a pic of my progress later on.  I really am close to finishing this design and may well forgo Cirques des Carreaux in my rotation this week to see if I can finish it.  

I had some stitchy mail this weekemd, a package from Polstitches, which was a piece of Heirloom fabric (perfect for Growth Rings) and a With My Needle chart full of turtles!  You can see the chart here.  Scroll to bottom of page, it’s called Quaker Turtles.  My finishing skills really need some work so these should be fun to practice on 🙂

Louis is doing much better now, and is making the most of all the extra fuss and attention he is getting.  He LOVES his new food, which is a relief as he is a very fussy eater, but he just can’t get enough of them!

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3 thoughts on “Some stitching at last!

  1. Nice start on the tuffet.

    Nice stash parcel too, looking forward to seeing the turtles (says she who has still not done the chair LOL)

  2. Nice new start!
    Oh I also have the turtles chart and love them. I will stitch and assemble them with some of my German stitching friends.
    Good to hear that Louis got rid of his problem.

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