Update and organisation

Things have been a bit quiet on the stitching front this week, but I did have a finish and have made a little progress on some of my rotation projects.

First, Thursday’s progress on Lettres, i’m quite pleased with the amount I managed to stitch this week, especially since I did some unpicking as well as some stitching ūüėČ


Yesterday, I managed to get a little more done on Cirques des Triangles.  Not as much as I had hoped as we were quite busy yesterday with various things, but progress nontheless.


I would have done a lot more but after a chat with my sister, who’s new blog can be found here, I spent far too much time looking at the Heaven and Earth Designs site. ¬†My sis has only recently caught the stitching bug again, and I think it’s well and truly taken hold. ¬†She saw the HAED designs through a post on Stitchers Village forum and phoned to tell me about it. ¬†Needless to say once I started looking at the designs I found quite a few myself LOL. ¬†However, I ¬†have far to much on the go at the moment to start anything so huge, so will just bookmark the ones I like for the future at the moment. ¬†It’s her birthday in a couple of weeks, so I bought her the HAED design she liked as an early pressie. ¬†Hopefully she’ll get the hang of putting pictures on her blog soon so we can see the progress.

After I’d spoken to sis I went through my stash looking for some charts of hers she gave me years ago(I found them all by the way!) and I realised how hopelessly unorganised everything is. ¬†So I decided to have a good sort through my stash over the next few weeks/months and get together some up to date lists of everything I have. ¬†It’s definitely going to be a long job though! ¬†I am making a start today though, and trying to take an inventory of my threads, I just have to work out a good system for recording which ones I have and for storing them too, as I really do need to make some space.

Have a good weekend everybody!

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5 thoughts on “Update and organisation

  1. Lettres is looking good in red too ^^
    Nice to hear I’m not the only one who needs to be more organised with her stitching stash and wish you “bon courage” working out some kind of system. Am now off to visit your sister’s blog.

  2. CdesT looks great Sandra – I think I have actually overtaken you though..lol.
    When you have sorted your stash will you come and do mine?

  3. Both projects have seen some good progress. Re-organizing one’s stash is always a lot of fun because you find charts and threads you had forgotten about. Good luck with all your stash during the next weeks.

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