Meet Ozzie!

This is Ozzie the Owl (What a Hoot), scissor keep and needle minder from Cat’s Whiskers.  The chart arrived today and I’ve wanted to stitch him for so long I couldn’t stop myself starting him.  You can see the finished article here, clever use of the scissors!  I have the Putford scissors in my stash already, I bought it last year some time in readiness for stitching this design.  The finishing instructions are very good, even to a complete novice, and I will be taking a walk into town this week to buy the supplies at Knit and Sew.  I haven’t been there for quite a while as my office is a little outside the city centre and it really is quite a rush to get there and back, and the shop is like an Aladin’s cave, full of nooks and crannies full of goodiese to look through.   From memory they carry mostly kits and aida fabric and the only threads they sell are DMC, but still worth a look around!


Here’s my progress on the Hearts and Flowers tuffet stitch a long.  I have finished the cross stitch on all four parts, now on to the speciality stitches, which takes much longer!!  The picture looks a little lopsided but that’s just my photography, not the stitching 😉


Part 2 of Grand Marquoir was released last week and I managed to stitch one section of it, but they stitch up fairly quickly so I’m confident of finishing part 2 well before part 3 is released in about two months time.


Finally, after finishing New World last week I have added Growth Rings by Ink Circles to my rotation.  This is the first time I have used Hand Dyed Fibers premium thread, it’s strange working with just one thread, but it is thicker than normal so the coverage is really good.  It’s lovely to stitch with and I can definitely see me buying more of them in the future.  The fabric is Heirloom from Polstitches.


I had a lovely surprise today when I read Mylene’s blog and found that my name had been drawn as the winner of her March giveaway.   Mylene is a wonderful stitcher and I am so pleased that I will have a piece of her work to call my own.  Thank you Mylene! and to her son Chris who pulled my name out of the hat 😉

Winning the giveaway has inspired me to have a giveaway of my own, so I will look through my stash for some ideas and post them in the next couple of weeks.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Ozzie!

  1. Ozzie looks great and I love Growth Rings – I wasn’t too taken with it when I saw the first pics but yours looks great – looking forward to seeing more

  2. Ozzie is a very cute owl. IsN’t it great to stitch something smaller in between the big pieces? I love that. Great progress pictures and a lovely new start on another Ink Circles.

  3. WIPs all looking good! And I LOVE Ozzie the Owl – he’s so cute and can’t wait to see him all finished and “wearing” his scissors.

  4. I am looking for this pattern! Have just been in touch with the company in Australia, and they say it’s sold out and the designer has retired. Have you any suggestions?

    • Hi there, you left a comment on my blog ages ago looking for the chart for the owl scissors keeper. I haven’t stitched for a long time so haven’t looked at my blog for a long time either. Did you find the chart? If not I do still have it and would be more than happy to pass it on to a fellow stitcher. Leave a comment if you still want it. Sandra

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