What a Hoot!

I’ve finished all the stitching on Ozzie the Owl, now comes the hard part!  I still have’t made it in to town to buy the supplies I need to finish him into a scissors keep, but hopefully I can do that next week sometime and have a go at finishing him next weekend


What a Hoot!

What a Hoot!

Here’s this weeks progress on Cirque des Carreaux,  I got quite a bit done and I’m thinking about adding  an extra slot in my rotation to this design as I was thinking of entering it in to the Silkweavers Showcase competition this year.  


Cirque des Carreaux

Cirque des Carreaux

Finally – Lettres a Mon Chat.  I haven’t seen Claire post her progress pic this week, she normally beats me to it :-).  It doesn’t look like I got that much done but those little cats are quite stitch intensive, they take ages to finish!




I have to work for a while tomorrow, and I am working on day on Monday ;-(,  so today I was up and about early this morning to get all the housework done out of the way.  I’m going to see my mum and dad this afternoon for a while, it was my dad’s birthday yesterday, but once I’m home it will be me, Cirques des Triangle, a bag of mini eggs and maybe a fat ginger cat for the rest of the evening.

Have a great weekend, and a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment – I really do appreciate it.


10 thoughts on “What a Hoot!

  1. I love your finish & your WIP especially Lettres Mon Chat, where can i get that chart from?? it looks so cute!
    What a coincidence it would have been my dads birthday also yesterday, he would have been 83. Sadly he died 22 years ago.
    Hope you dad had a good day

  2. Just posted my progress on “Lettres” and YES those cats take forever !!! Ozzie the Owl looks lovely, as do your WIPs . . . and please tell me, how many skeins did you buy for the solid red colour on Lettres? because I’m almost through a 8m skein of plain green on mine !

  3. Ozzie the owl looks great. Congrats on the finish.
    And those two projects are shaping up very good, i really love the Cirque des Carreaux, will sure add to my list to buy someday.

  4. great progress Sandra – I have been away this weekend so haven’t stitched on CdesT – you will be able to catch me up..lol I will try and fit it in one evening this week I think!

  5. ozzie the owl looks great, i love the thread colour you have chosen for CdeC I have this in my stash pile, and really need to make a start on it

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