Thank you Mylene!

I had a lovely surprise when I arrived home today and saw what the postman had left me.  Look at the lovely package I received from Mylene!  I was lucky enough to be the winner of her March giveaway and won this lovely mattress pinkeep and scissors fob (which I have attached to my favourite pair of Gingher scissors)


Mylene's March giveaway

Mylene's March giveaway

I wish you could all see the finishing on both these items, it’s just perfect and makes me feel hopelessly inadequate!   Thank you Mylene, I really do love them!

I have a few progress pics to share with you, first of all Saturday’s Cirque des Triangles. I did get quite a lot done really, and filled in a few of the empty triangles.  As usual the picture isn’t very good, as I always seem to end up taking pictures at night and the light in our lounge isn’t that good.


14th March 2009

14th March 2009

Next, on to Sunday’s Grand Marquoir.  I’m stitching one block per rotation slot, which should take me nicely to the release of part 3.  This time it was the letter C.  I’ve taken a picture of the whole thing this time, so you can see how it’s coming along.


Grand Marquoir

Grand Marquoir

I spent the rest of Sunday finishing the stitching on Hearts and Flowers tuffett.  I haven’t got a pic at the moment as I took it in to work so I could go to town and buy a button for it (which I never managed to do) and I have left it in my desk.  I had meant to pick up some buttons on Monday when I went in to down to buy some of the supplies for finishing What a Hoot, but was a little disappointed in the selection at the shop, they were all huge and quite plain, so I am having a look online to see if I can find any.  Any suggestions of where to buy buttons and general finishing items, particuarly fabrics,  online would be appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Thank you Mylene!

  1. gorgeous pinkeep and scissor fob so WELL DONE to mylene for those – and what a lucky girl you were to be the winner!
    well done too on your progress! I’ve done 1 square of GM second part so far and my daughter has done 3. Will post pics on my blog when I’ve caught up with her lol

  2. Happy to hear you like them both and thank you for the lovely comments.
    Your updates are looking wonderful and i so envy you with your big beautiful projects.

  3. Lovely gifts from Mylene, i have been lucky enough to receive something from her too, she is so talented.

    Great updates, love the GM.

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