Is that all??

Phill and I have four cats – Tinker, Bonnie, Louis and Ginger.  Louis and Ginger are brothers and are 6 this year.  We had them when they were tiny kittens and a few days after they arrived with us Ginger had a terrible accident where a large piece of wood (like a piece of kitchen worktop),which we were using to block of the entrance to the kitchen to keep our other cats away from the new kittens, was knocked over and fell straight on top of him, almost crushing him.  This happened on a Sunday morning, so we had to rush him to the emergency vet immediately.  I was in complete hysterics at the time because I thought he was dead, and Phill told me a while later that Ginge had actually stopped breathing for a little while.

We had a brilliant vet, Mr Jones, who would not give up on him and he pulled through.  He suffered the most awful fits for a few days after the accident but the vet said that they should settle down.  He was also completely blind.   The fits stopped and during the following weeks and months his eyesight returned in one eye.  He is still blind on one side and is a little slower to learn things than most cats, it took him six months to learn to use the cat flap!  Even when he was blind he would wander around the garden with no problems, and once we even found him at the top of our neighbours tree!!

He is a lovely cat, and is such a mummy’s boy.  He sleeps next to my feet at the end of the bed every night and will always curl up on my lap in the evening, even when I’m stitching.  The most important thing in his life is his food bowl 😉  He gets fed at the same times through the day every day, but will still turn up exactly an hour before feeding time, and will put such a pathetic look on his face, just in case he can persuade us to feed him that little bit earlier 😉

So, when I saw this kit on Claire’s blog today, I knew that I had to buy it straight away…..

Is that all?

Claire and I are going to do this as a SAL, probably towards the end of April.

Seeing this also made me think of an old WIP which I had completely forgotten about.  I had a rummage around tonight and found the chart and fabric but no threads.  Luckily they are DMC so I have been able to take them from my stash.





Finally, a picture of Ginger in a most strange position, he gets himself into all shapes when he’s trying to have a wash, he’s the only cat I know who can lose his balance while sitting down 🙂




I’m sorry for rambling a bit in this post, as you can tell Ginger is one of my favourite subjects LOL

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5 thoughts on “Is that all??

  1. What a traumatic beginning for Ginger having such a serious accident at such a young age. It was lovely to read you rambling on – I think all animal lovers love to talk about their animals and other animal lovers LOVE to listen ^^
    Ginger looks a right character and now I know why you fell in love with the Cats Rule kit. I promise to finish off my WWW project speedily so that we can start that together in April !

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