Weekend update

It’s been a very busy week at work and at home so even though I have some progress pictures I haven’t done that much stitching in the last few days.  I did work on Cirque des Carreaux on Wednesday and the more I stitch this design the more I like it!


Cirque des Carreaux

Cirque des Carreaux

Thursday was Lettres SAL day with Claire.  We are at almost exactly the same place on this design, she has stitched one more letter than me 🙂


Lettres a mon chat

Lettres a mon chat

Finally, I had a day off on Friday because we had a busy weekend in sight.  Phill’s mum was 75 on Thursday and his brother and sister in law were coming down on Saturday to celebrate, with us all going out for a meal last night.  We had a great time with lovely food, especially the Vanilla Cheesecake!   

Phill also made a bit of work for himself when he offered to do some work in our spare bedroom, which is little more than a box room really.  At the moment there are odds and ends of furniture in there, the ironing board (which doesn’t get used that often 😉 and all of my cross stitch stuff.  The room is so full of stuff that it’s hard to find anything.  I have been trying to organize my stash a little better so that it doesn’t take me so long to find everything so Phill put his thinking cap on and has planned a craft room for me!  We have bought some kitchen units in a lovely walnut colour, and some black worktop and he’s going to put them up for me today.  I can’t wait to see it done as I’m going to have so much room in there I’ll be able to organise everything exactly how I want it.

Today I am out all day, my mum and dad are picking me up at about 10 o’clock and we are driving to see my sister Sheila who is staying at a cottage in West Wales for the weekend.  Today is Sheila’s birthday and I have a little suprise for her, which is safe to post here as she doesn’t have her computer with her.  The suprise is the Hearts and Flowers tuffet which I finished up on Friday.


I’m looking forward to seeing how she is getting along with her HAED project and I am taking a few of my WIPs with me for her to see in real life and also a few goodies I found yesterday when I was clearing out the bedroom ready for Phill to start work in there today.

Have a great weekend !!


9 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. looks like you have made good progress on Carreaux – it is looking lovely. I can’t believe you have finished your tuffet too, I must get on and stitch mine or I think I will be last to finish!
    Lucky you getting a craft room – show us a pic when it’s done! I confess I didn’t stitch on CdesT this week ( or last) I got wrapped up in doing Cotillion and Chocolate Shoppe instead so I am going to focus on CdesT this week and make some progress!

  2. Sounds like you have had a great week 🙂
    And I absolutely love all your WIPs…your mattress pincushion is just lovely too…everything is so great! Congrats!

  3. Good progress on both your WIPs. And the mattress pincushion you made for your sister is so lovely. She will be delighted.
    Great news that you will get a sewing room. It’s unbeatable to have the sewing machine up for a project and to leave it there as long as you want to. I have mine up all the time. I hope you will share pictures when the room is ready for use.
    Have fun in West Wales!

  4. Well done on all your stitching! That little tuffet is very cute Be reassured, my “L” isn’t complete so we’re even on Lettres ^^ . . . and make sure you post a photo of your new organised stitching room once Phill has finished assembling all your cupboards !!

  5. I do love Lettres a mon Chat, even though I’m not fond of cats! I just love the shapes made by the cats among the letters.

    The tuffet is beautiful too – I’ll have to give one of those a go!

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