Glad to see the weekend!

I am so glad it’s the weekend!    I have hardly done any stitching at all this week.  I managed to make a little progress on Cirque des Carreaux and Lettres but that’s about it.  The rest of the time has been spent starting to organise my stash and sleeping LOL .  My boss went away on holiday this week and has left a mountain of work for me to do while he’s away (Sheila – the files were stacked in boxes, started at my desk and ended up on the landing!) so I’ve been extra tired when I’ve been getting home this week.  But I do have some pics for you ….


First Cirque des Carreaux, not a huge amount done but progress none the less.










26-march-2009Second Lettres a mon chat – the first page is complete and I have now moved on to the second page.  What I have noticed today is that I haven’t stitched the whiskers on two of the cats!  Ooops.  See Claire and Jenny’s progress in this SAL.






















Lastly, some pictures of my new craft room.  It is a bit of a shambles still as I haven’t really had much time to work in there this week.  I have sorted through my threads and organised them into storage boxes.

floss-cupboardEach of the plastic boxes on the top shelf is about the size of a shoe box and they fit on the shelf perfectly.  On the bottom shelf to the left is a box I found in B&Q (DIY store) which holds a full set of DMC on plastic bobbons.  I have a box of DMC to the right of that box which still needs to be wound on to the bobbons.  









nn-threadsIt’s surprising how many threads one of the shoe boxes can hold 🙂  These are my Needle Necessities (now called Threadworx).  I am slowly going through all of my threads and making an inventory of what I’ve got, putting them into floss away style bags and putting them onto a floss ring so they are easier to look through to find the right colours.






hdfdd-threads I’ve already done this with my Hand Dyed Fibers ( to the left) and my Dinky Dyes cottons and silks (to the right).   I’ve got a long way to go but hopefully over the Easter weekend I’ll be able to get a lot done!






Okay, I’ve done my housework, got a load of washing nearly finished and another one ready to go in.  Time for me to finish my cup of tea, go and visit my mum and dad, come home and settle down with Daniel Craig and Cirque des Triangles!  (We bought Quantum of Solace last night – just in case you thought I had the real Daniel Craig stashed in my craft room 😉 )

Have a great weekend and thank you for all the lovely comments you left about my new room – Phill’s still having trouble getting his head through the doors!


5 thoughts on “Glad to see the weekend!

  1. Nice progress on your WIPs. It seems that the cat one will soon be finished, maybe one more cat?
    Oh my, you are so organized! I’d like to be a bit more like that, sigh. And hmmmm, Daniel Craig would be a nice addition to a craft room, wouldn’t he? Lol.

  2. When are you opening your shop 🙂 It took me almost a weekend sorting my tiny little stash so it must be really time consuming sorting everything but a job well done once it’s finished. Boss has ONE week off then you need a MONTH off to recover 🙂 I’m pondering as to whether to do Cirque des Triangles as I really like it but the more I am seeing of Cirque des Carreaux I like that one too!

  3. Looks like your time has been well spent sorting out threads and getting things straight in your craft room so don’t worry, you’ll find more time for stitching once that is done! Your Cirque de Triangles is looking great as is Lettres. We’re still about even on that ^^ and I have one whisker-less cat too, so you’re not the only one.
    Have a good Sunday!

  4. Great pics of the craft room Sandra – I have one of those B&Q boxes too! Your stitching is coming on well, sad to say I have made no more progress on CdesT – what little stitching time I have had was spent on Chocolate Shoppe just because it was already in the frame and ready to stitch and I couldn’t be CdesT tonight though I promise

  5. Nice progress on the WIP’s, poor kittys with no whiskers!

    Love that cupboard, i’d have to keep opening the door just to look inside LOL

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