Stitching update

I really did have a good stitching weekend this weekend.  I was sort of tied to the house on Sunday as I had some hospital tests on Monday which meant that I could not go too far from the house on Sunday.  As a result I made the most of the time and got lots done on both Cirque des Triangles and Grand Marquoir SAL.



After a very long and quite unpleasant afternoon at the Hospital I almost treated myself to a new start last night, BUT managed to resist (not quite sure how LOL) and worked on Growth Rings instead, even though it wasn’t in my rotation for last night.  The new start was going to be a hardanger design of some sort as I haven’t done any for so long and I know I have a few Judy Dixon’s in my stash waiting to be done/kitted up and also a Polstitches design fully kitted.

Tonight, I’ll get back into my rotation, after a bit of an upside down week where I sort of slipped off track for a while.  That means Growth Rings stays on the Qsnaps one more night …..unless I give in to my startitis 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Stitching update

  1. Both WIPs look lovely! I’m very impressed that you resisted a new start, I don’t think I would have been so good 😉

  2. oh dear I’m going to be stitching to try and catch up on the Grand Marquoir SAL ^^
    excellent progress on both projects!
    and hope whatever you went to hospital for was all fine – I’ve got joys of mammograph to look forward to on April 6th :os

  3. Oh you are racing ahead of me now Sandra- will be back stitching on CdeT on Saturday though when a progress pic will be posted to my blog. Think I will be stitching on it 2 days a week while I catch up. Hope the hospital stuff turns out OK

  4. Your Grand Marquior is beautiful. I’m saving the charts and will do this one as soon as I finish the smaller Grand ABC from Gazette94. I saw Claire’s before I found the Isa Vauter or I would be working it now. What color are you using on the Marquior? I’m waffling between green or just go with the red. Your’s is very convincing!

    Oh, and your Circles is progress really well too!

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